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Today on world Menopause Day I thought I’d write a few things about my personal experience.  I went through the menopause at 40-42 years old, on the plus side I think I got away lightly with the time span but on the flip side it was around ten years too early. I’d just met the love of my life and we would have loved to have children, it was not meant to be.

helen dawson reiki

I am a firm believer, as is he, in living the life you’re dealt and just getting on with it. Although that’s not to say I’ve not been through the mill and had to ‘work through’ somepersonal issues and ‘stuff’ along the way.

A friend asked me once ‘have I had a hot flush?’ and I answered if you don’t know whether you’ve had one,it probably was not one- you know!!!!

There are around 42 symptoms put down to menopause and the following are the most common;

  • Changing periods – length of cycle, duration of period
  • Hot flushes
  • Night sweats
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue – tiredness or a loss of zest
  • Anxiety, mood swings, irritability and depression
  • A feeling of being invisible and a loss of confidence
  • Decreased libido or sex drive

For me I know I started to feel very anxious about silly things like driving.  I began to get certain OCD type habits around it, like to drive with a bottle of water in the car and would panic if I didn’t have one.  If I panicked I’d have to drive with the windows open to keep me cool and sing at the top of my voice to distract myself.   Bizarrely the worst, shouty singing it was the better I felt.

Talk to any woman and you’ll find weird and wonderful symptoms that have no explanation other than maybe hormonal imbalance…

Reiki can help, reiki is a japanese healing system that channels energy through the practioner to the client.  It can work on blockages in the body, whether physical or emtional and help to balance the body.  I also find the initial consultation helps too, we have a chat about your physical health and emotional health and that chat can be almost as healing as the treatment itself – it’s good to off load!!

If you think reiki coud help you, get in touch on 07799 627789, Helen Dawson, Reiki Healer