Have a clean January, let your body, mind and skin recover from the Christmas excesses…by having afternoon tea with us – sounds like a contradiction….?

tropic pamper

January 7th 2019 sees AmbaScarlett & Hawkwell Herbs hosting an afternoon tea event in Islip.

The event is officially 12 until 3pm on January 7th 2019.

Although we are inviting guests who can’t make that timing to drop in for a look and a goody bag anytime between 11 and 5pm.

Between 12 and 1.30 Helen from AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing will be demonstrating accupressure, showing you how to do it yourself between facial treatments to get the most from your skincare regime, and showing you the sinus relief points – good to use for January coughs and colds.  She’ll also get you to practise the appetite supressant accupressure point – a great one if you’re using January to kick start some weightloss.

Then everyone can learn a simple hand reflexology treatment that they can do on themselves at home or on family members, this will concentrate on digestion and bloating.

Around 1;30 Sara from Hawkwell Herbs will introduce us to the herbs she has brought along, show us how to make a proper herbal tea using fresh herbs – then we get to sample them!  Along with sugar free cakes and goodies.

On show will be the Tropic range of skincare as used in all AmbaScarlett’s Reiki Facials and there will be time to try things out and ask any questions, and order anything you need.  Recipes for the cakes and goodies will be available for you to note down or photograph and a selection of herbs available to buy.

There will be an excellent goody bag for everyone who attends to take home with them,  plus a free raffle where everyone gets a ticket to win various prizes.