“Detoxing for 2019” It’s a buzzword isn’t it? I’m ‘doing a detox’…  What do you think when you read that?

  • Here’s some nutter only drinking carrot juice for a week?
  • Science says our liver and kidneys do it all on their own so why detox?
  • Detox is just trendy now and does nothing?
  • Let’s detox!  I’ll head into town and buy dozens of detox tablets and potions…!

Which camp are you in?

During 2019, I’m cutting down on the toxins I put in my body.  Cutting out refined sugar and processed food. I guess you could call it a ‘detox’ but I think its just a healthy way of eating that’s going to make me feel much better.

It’s true our livers, kidneys and related bodily systems are there to get rid of toxins and to cleanse our bodies but it’s also true that with the sheer amount of toxic chemicals in our food and all around us, our bodies are not designed to cope and are failing us.  Rates of cancer have increased by 40% since the 1930’s.

It’s not just the food we eat

Why am I mentioning chemicals all around us and not just food?  Spray a cleaning spray on your hob and you end up smelling that ‘lemony fresh’ fragrance? That’s a few toxic molecules whooshing up your nose… nice!  Also, whatever you put on your skin is also be absorbed.  Just think how a nicotine patch works, the chemicals are absorbed through the skin… so it stands to reason, when you apply perfume, skin cream, cleanser they are absorbed too – Right into your blood stream and all around your system. Parabens, harsh detergents, formaldehyde  – we all want those in us don’t we?

How many chemicals?

Did you know the cosmetic industry makes around a further 1000 chemicals a year to make all our skin care lotions and potions…..  Since the war years we are being exposed to over 80,000 more chemicals.  We do not know how safe they are on their own, least of all when they are mixed together and some sort of lethal cocktail.  The Environmental Working Group says 1 in 8 personal care products contain chemicals which are suspected or known to contain cancer causing carcinogens and are toxic to our reproductive and endocrine systems.

                            …there are 19 ingredients in a popular range of fast food restaurants fries…. Shouldn’t it be two?  Potato and oil?

Products must sit on shelves and in warehouses for weeks, even months, so industries add preservative, anti-caking agents and lots of goo to make things last longer and longer…

The Body Burden

The more things we use, the more we have this chemical build up inside our systems – the Body Burden.  The Body Burden is the build up of chemicals in our body that serve to disrupt our hormones, from reproductive hormones in young women and men to insulin production and adrenaline function and so on….

What’s more, the application of the toxins on the skin further breaks down the skins natural defences, meaning more can be absorbed!

The average woman uses 16 products each day – that could be around 518 chemicals, which ones are safe? Let’s think about what you have used today;

  • Shampoo
  • Soap
  • Shower gel
  • Shaving foam on you legs

(all the residue of these is washed down the drain to damage our seas, coral and other marine life)

Now you’re out of the shower…

  • Cleanser
  • Toner
  • Moisturiser
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Foundation
  • Powder
  • Eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick

Now you dry your hair….

  • Hair serum
  • Hair spray

Then to finish…

  • Hand cream
  • Cuticle oil
  • And a quick clean of your teeth with toothpaste and mouthwash

If you think you are ‘Low-maintenance-Lucy’ then just make a list, you’ll be shocked, even on a stay indoors kind of day you’ll be using shower gel, deodorant, skin cream, toothpaste and maybe more.


The good news is, stopping using products containing toxins does give your body a chance!  A study was done with a group of teenage girls, they loved their make-up and skin creams and would never dream of going out without it on.  Their hormones were tested (in such important teenage years) they were found to be hugely disrupted by the toxins in their bodies.  The girls were given 100% natural body care and make-up products and within only three days their hormones had began to turn back towards normal levels – so there is hope for us all!

Still my Beating Heart

I had begun to notice that when I ate sugar my heart raced and become arrhythmic – not good news.  Hence my starting on my processed and sugar free way of eating 2019.  My herbalist had at this point, diagnosed Adrenal Fatigue – my adrenal glands were just not being able to process all the toxins in my body. As part of this I’m also ditching as many chemicals as I can within the products I use on my body and trying to cut down on stress (which adds to the toxic cocktail) by practicing yoga, reiki and meditation.

Introducing my Business

I run AmbaScarlett Holistic Healing from the High Street in Thrapston and I pass on any knowledge I gain to my clients if they are interested in finding out more.  I’ve been making my own sugar-free granola and happy to pass on the recipe. I have sugar free cakes, biscuits and protein balls which I can pass on recipes too. 

During my treatments; Reiki Facials and Reflexology, I only ever use 100% natural products.  Tropic Skincare are my products of choice.

  • Tropic Skincare is 100% natural, toxic free, cruelty free.
  • Accredited by the Vegan Society
  • It’s all made fresh, to order, when you open your parcel the item may have only been made the day before.
  • Tropic products are clean, green and verified by an app called Think Dirty which compares lots of products, Tropic continuously scores as one of the best.
  • All Tropic products are sourced with sustainable ingredients.
  • All products and their separate ingredients have Fair-Trade status.
  • Tropic is a Carbon Neutral certified company – all trips, roadshows, deliveries are off-set with conservation work in the Amazon Rain Forest – one of only 300 companies in the world are certified carbon neutral.
  • They are committed to reducing the world’s toxic load, using FSC recycled paper and card, soya ink, vegetable glue etc on all packaging, catalogues and marking material.
  • Tropic has received over 100 awards.
  • Tropic is the fastest growing skin care brand in the UK and has been for the last three years.
  • Tropic has around 1.5 million users and are happy to say they are helping detox the world.

For more Information

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