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Is Reiki healing the secret for glowing skin?

Should we all take skincare seriously?  Product and product ingredient consciousness seems to be at an all-time high. However, choosing the right skincare products is only one aspect of keeping skin healthy and minimizing signs of aging.  The additional factors include stress, pollution, diet and anxiety and they can all affect the look and feel of our skin.

I have been exploring a more holistic approach to skincare, and now I use Reiki healing in my facials and to ‘infuse’ the products I use with added energy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a complementary therapy which involves energy work for healing the body. It is based on the idea that ‘life force energy’ flows through all of us and that a reiki therapist channels energy into their client allowing for the restoration of the person’s physical, spiritual and emotional well-being.  The client may feel heat through the therapist’s hands when the Reiki is flowing.

Reiki affects the inner energetic systems of their body and is thus able to treat the whole person by positively affecting their body, mind, and soul. The flow of Reiki energy in the body helps the body to heal itself and return to a state of balance.   

What benefits can reiki have on skin and body?

Reiki works on subtle energy systems throughout the body, such as the chakras, it influences the whole body as it promotes healing. People can experience a reduction in anxiety, pain, depression and fatigue after a Reiki treatment and leave feeling very relaxed. As the client’s stresses are shed away, their inner radiance begins to shine which positively reflects on their face and skin.

How do you infuse products with Reiki?

Any item can be infused with Reiki, even a glass of water before drinking it.

I use pure, natural Tropic Skincare and I infuse the products with Reiki energy in much in the same way that channel energy into a client. The flow of energy into a product containing natural ingredients, crystal essences, organic botanicals, and essential oils can be positively charged with healing energy.  I also send out a flow of Reiki energy to all living things each day as I go about my business.

The Benefits of a Reiki Facial

There are a number of added benefits including:

⭐️Deeply relaxing

🌟Improves functionality of circulatory system

⭐️Relieves muscle tension in face, neck and shoulders

🌟Can relieve tension headache and eye strain

⭐️Helps with stress

🌟Helps promote healthy muscle tone

⭐️Encourages blood supply to head, brain and scalp

🌟Helps relieve congestion associated with sinusitis and tinnitus

⭐️Removes dead skin cells and encourages cell regeneration

🌟Nourishes the skin

⭐️Balances pH to promote healthy looking skin

🌟Can relieve emotional stress, anxiety and depression

⭐️Promotes deep relaxation and healthy sleep

🌟Creates a balanced feeling of peace and calm

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