Sun screens from Tropic are great if you’re off on holiday, but what if you’re stuck at home this month and looking pale and pasty? Around £66 million is spent on tanning products each year, the ones below are healthy, natural and cruelty free – plus they’re good for your skin too!

Sun Drops Gradual Tanning Facial Serum

I use Sun Drops most days. As Tropic is all natural ingredients, I love the fact it doesn’t have that horrid ‘self tan’ smell! You use Sun Drops by using the dropper to deposit 1 or 2 drops onto your fingers with your moisturiser, and apply to your face. Using a minimal amount means your tan will build up gradually and look natural. Wash your hands after applying!

Sun Drops contain Plant Allo Melanin. This intelligent ingredient mimics the colour of your own melanin to create the natural-looking tan you’re looking for. I use Sun Drops on my arms too.

Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum

Show off your legs and arms as soon as the sun comes out! No more pasty white limbs, apply Instant Glow and get a natural glow with a slight shimmer. This beautiful instant bronzing serum can improve an uneven, dull or lacklustre skin tone. With the ability to improve the appearance of bruises and skin imperfections. Plus gold shimmer particles instantly boost luminosity. A streak-free, natural looking tan is ideal for those who want an effortlessly gorgeous tint. Arnica Extract is included in this product to reduce the appearance of bruises and scars, and stimulates skin cell renewal – which as I bruise easily is good news for me!

Sun Drench Overnight Tanning Mousse with Mitt

Achieve a natural looking tan overnight with this innovative, fast-acting tanning mousse. The handy pump and Tanning Mitt offer an effortless, streak-free application, so you can see beautifully sun-kissed results by morning. No chemical nasty smells. Also containing Plant Allo Melanin to help mimic your own tanning colour so you look natural and radiant.

Kiwi Fruit Water is rich in antioxidants, and promotes a healthy-looking, glowing, radiant skin all over.

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