The Green Beauty Revolution just went one step further – reduced packaging, reduced waste and more natural products for the consumer.

In my make up drawer I have some eye shadow palettes where I’ve used up the colours I like and the rest languish in the drawer, I’ve got seperate little plastic hinge holders of blush, concealer and powder, all in intricately designed plastic containers, with mini mirrors and doll sized brushes – the drawer is full to bursting! What a waste of the earth’s resources!

Introducing the new Tropic Colour Palette! Use one of my four template trays to design your own eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush, powder and more. All in one handy compact. As each item runs out, it can be reordered seperately and slotted in. There is no waste as you only order the colours you love!

Choose from 13 eye shadow colours for only £8 each

There are 3 eye liner shades

Six blusher colours

I can help you achieve the look you want, using your chosen Colour Palette. I’ll help you fill your palette to save you money, I’ll give you a make up tutorial so you know how to use each product.

Your new make up range consists of:

Eyeliner, eye shadow, eye brow, concealer, blusher, highlighter, contour, bronzer and setting powder. All in a range of colours for all skin types and hues. All in various sizes to fit into your chosen Palette, let me help you choose your colours and fill your palette.

You can see all the shades at

Email me in or call me on 07799 627789 to book your personal shopping experience with me.