thrapston lake

Our walks are suitable for any age, gender and all sorts of experience levels.  Check the date and route to see if its for you before you set out – each walk will have the distance on it and experience level.

Walks will be posted on the home page of this site, plus our Facebook page here  There will be daytime and evening walks, watch the page for details.

The next walks are (Click the coloured words to see more info):

Tuesday 30th July – at 6pm for Beginners – 2 mile stroll

Tuesday 23rd July – at 6pm for Beginners – 2 mile stroll

Wednesday 24th July – at 6pm – intermediate 3 mile power walk

Joining us is free!

Small Print: AmbaScarlett Holistic Health is just the route planner.  There is no charge for joining them on the walk, as such everyone walks at their own risk. 

AmbaScarlett is not the ‘organiser’ or person in charge – you are in charge of yourself, you are joining AmbaScarlett on their walk under your own volition.

If you are bringing a little one in a buggy or have additional needs, it is your responsibility to check the suitability of the route.  The walks are suitable for adults.

We ask that four legged friends are left at home, we are dog owners ourselves but understand that many people do not like dogs, and having a few dogs together can be disruptive to the overall fitness goal, especially if we are stopping and starting – so we ask for humans only please.

As these are not an organised walks, you are responsible for your own warm up and cool down. Ideas for this can be found online.